Getting ready for our Autism Awareness Charity Run/Walk 13th october 2012..... Just went out to Independence Square, Me, Oshira & Princess. The first few people just totally ignored us! Grrr however we had a goal for the next hour; creating awareness for Autism. The place was full of runners and fast walkers, checking their mobile phones, earplugs in, music on full blast...... How to reach these people and talk about Autism???? Slowly we got the hang of it, and yeah! people got curious and interested while the 3 of us were throwing all our 3E's (Energy, Excitement and Enthousiasm) in our new found job!One Gentleman was so cool! He just offered a whole lot of watertanks to give water to the runners and walkers! I thought that was really awesome!
 I think we reached quiet a number of people, and I'm sure lots of them will come this saterday to Independence Square to join our Autism Awareness Charity Run! Tomorrow we will be back at Independence Square....

1/9/2013 04:42:17 am

Hi I am Pavani and I would like to speak to you about autism if possible I am a student and interested in the area of child development. thank you


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    Im Desiree, autism mom, my son is 11 years old and has autism. We are on the way to recovery, and we want to raise awareness about autism in Sri Lanka.


    October 2012


    Autism Awareness